An Extraordinary Journey for Ordinary People: Surprises and Delights in the Game "Sky".

During the pandemic, our lives became increasingly monotonous and boring, and I began searching for something to pass the time. By chance, I discovered a game called "Sky: Children of the Light". At first, I was only attracted to the game's beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay, without knowing that this game would become one of my most important entertainment methods during the pandemic.

The first time I played this game, I was alone. In this virtual world, I felt very lonely and helpless. However, the wonderful thing about this game is that you can meet all kinds of players in the game and explore this mysterious world with them.

Once, while playing the game, I unintentionally encountered many players holding hands while I was playing alone. They immediately ran over to me and lit a candle, inviting me to join their team. At that moment, I felt very moved and warm. I quickly became part of the group, and we explored this mysterious world together, completing various tasks and challenges.

As time went by, we established a chat group and played together at a scheduled time every day. In the game, we not only became friends but also helped and supported each other. As I got to know them better, I discovered that our small group ranged from junior high school students to ten-year work veterans, and each person had their own story and experience.

During this period, I gained a lot, not only a wonderful game experience but also sincere friendship and precious memories. This game "Sky: Children of the Light" not only accompanied me through the pandemic but also introduced me to a group of outstanding people, which made me more convinced that even in this virtual world, you can find real friends and happiness.
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