In Memory of a Friend

I truly hope I don't ruin the happy vibe, but I wanted to share something with y'all. I had a friend (girl) I grew up with and she passed away suddenly about four years ago from leukaemia. She was only 18. Before that happened I was a totally different person. I was studying, my style was different, my hopes and dreams were different, friends, everything.
When that happened I gave up my studies and started backpacking solo for the first time. Now I'm 26 and since then I have lived in three different countries (stayed about a year in each one) and visited about five more. I write her name on walls in every new country I visit to keep her memory alive. Now I'm back home in Greece, working to save up for my next long trip.
Since I started Sky (about two weeks ago) I've been leaving boat and candle notes everywhere about her. If you ever see a note "In Memory Of Maria", you'll know it was me. I usually leave them at quiet or high places, like at the Sanctuary lake on top of the floating Island. The hug at the end of Eden is my absolute favorite thing about the game because it instantly makes me think of her. It makes me feel like I died and I got the chance to see her again.
I apologise if it looks like a sad story - to me it isn't. She changed my entire life and since I found the strength (through her) to challenge myself and put myself in new situations, I've only encountered luck, new opportunities and incredible moments. It's just like the universe, or something bigger than me, wants me to keep living like that.

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