Little Bit of Courage

Before Sky, I encountered Journey while I was in high school, during which time I was experiencing the most depressing moments in my life so far: family health issues, academic pressure, and social difficulties. Introverted me had barely any friends in school to talk to. All I had was complete loneliness.
One day, a playthrough video of Journey happened to appear on my YouTube recommendations. It was a short video - less than two hours, all about a journey in beautiful desert scenery. Unlike other RPG games, there was no fighting, no competition, no description at all. I experienced such relief after watching the playthrough. There was something in my heart that started changing. It was magical.
I became a TGC fan from then on and when they announced a new game called Sky in development, I was really excited! I couldn't, however, get a chance to play this game until 2020.
I feel really grateful to have experienced Sky. Along the journey, I met many wonderful players from around the world. Sometimes I would just soar in the sky, honking with other skykids for hours. I feel relaxed and comforted. Life is tough, but Journey and Sky somehow give me a little bit of courage to face this world.
Now I am an office worker and usually work overtime until midnight, but I still try to spare some time to log in to Sky everyday.

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