A Big Birthday Bash

You scramble left and right, glittery blue and white streamers falling from your bundle of decorations as you dart into the office. You see your fellow Children of Light preparing for the party. It was a momentous occasion, as Sky was turning 4!

You find yourself tossing haphazard streamers across the space, making sure to not throw any on the assortment of buns, cake, and tea laid out. You watch as your friend skids in, holding balloons that bounce against each other, causing a comical sound.

The two of you look at each other, laughing a bit. Your friend lets the balloons go as they give you a big two-handed wave in greeting. You give a small wave in return and cover your mouth as you giggle. Their blue office cape flutters a bit as they run off to help two other children bring out the massive four-tier blue and white cake.

Candles decorated each layer, and fun little designs of krills and crabs in birthday hats, and skykids flying and celebrating, were doodled across the white frosting. The massive "4" candle was the center of it all. It had little stars drawn all over it, and was shining brighter than any star.

Speaking of krill, you watch as a child, with a baby krill in a birthday hat curled around their neck, walks in with a massive box of birthday hats. The light children flock to snatch them. Crabs are scooped up and hats are placed on them as well, despite their squeals and hisses of protest.

Moments later a skykid flew in, crashing into a nearby office chair as they honked the signal. Sky was on their way!! Everyone scrambled to hide, the lights dimming to near black. You rub your hands together as you watch from under a desk as Sky walked in.

The blossom flowers in their pigtails seemed to glow, their plain brown mask as clean and pretty as ever. Their cape was reminiscent of the cape from Journey, the long scarf-like strip of fabric skipping across the floor. By their side was Oreo, the adorable pupper that many children of light adored.

The lights flew on and Children honked in a joyous flurry. Oreo began to bark, and a pink blush spread across Sky's shocked face. They were guided to the cake, and the famous song began to play on the many instruments that Children had obtained over the years. As it concluded, Sky approached the candle, took a big breath, and blew. The wick went out, there was a moment of silence, then the chorus of cheers began!

Four years of work, dedication, and love was in the room. You find yourself standing near Sky, and they turn to you and give you the biggest Hermit Hug you've ever received. You giggle."Happy Birthday Sky...and thank you for everything.."

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