The Stars shine a little bit brighter in the Kingdom of Sky

The Stars shine a little bit brighter in the Kingdom of Sky

Even before I joined the game, I found myself being a person who was deeply fascinated with the lives of people who I happened to come across, but likely would never get to know. Classmates whose names I did not know, strangers in the street, and even the people who lived in distant apartment buildings.

While I would likely never meet these people, it has always amazed me that there are billions of people living in this world, each leading a complex life like my own. Sky, I believe, plays into this fact. Theoretically, it's possible to achieve this in any game, but for a game like Sky which encourages compassion for others, never more have I found myself thinking "Somewhere in this world is another person spending time to be silly with me!"

With this kind of mindset, all of the honking competitions, dance parties, and crab roasts I've experienced become a little profound. All of this is not to mention all the friends I've made along the way. There are many friends who I still see flying around or giving me gifts of light to this day, though there is also another portion who remain as stars in the sky, no longer active on the game.

In all other games I would consider removing them from my friends list to save on space, but in Sky I can't bring myself to remove inactive friends, and perhaps this is what is desired. To me, and in Sky, inactive friends are like shooting stars. Although we have only seen each other briefly and may never meet again, I still had the honor of meeting them. With the 4th anniversary of Sky coming up, I wish that Sky continues to offer other players what it has given to me. With current developments in festival tech, I can't wait to see how many new friends people will make, as well as what more people will think of the game!

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