A Journey In Sky

A Journey In Sky

Hello, ours is a story that began in Sky almost three years ago. I met a Sky player in 2020. It just so happened that we had joined a Sky Discord group on exactly the same day. We became friends, sharing our mutual love of Sky, and over time drew closer, sharing everything in Sky and in our personal lives.

We eventually met in person and found our Sky bond was not just digital. We were both on life’s journey — some things were happening in both of our lives like an approaching storm coming in from the horizon. But fate intervened and eventually she came to my city. We fell in love.

We continued our mutual journey on Sky but also in real life, growing closer as best friends, and developing an even stronger bond, and on New Year’s Eve 2022, I asked my Sky friend to marry me, on one knee.

Moments later the clock struck midnight, and we entered 2023 engaged, waltzing in the park to Auld Lang Syne. We hope to celebrate our wedding with Sky friends in game and in real life, and are forever grateful to this magical game-not-game for bringing us together.

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A Journey In Sky

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