A Magical Land for my Daughter and Me

A Magical Land for my Daughter and Me

I'm a bit older and stopped playing video games after college. Games feel too violent and require too much time investment for my life right now.

Last year I started looking for a game that would help me wind down. I searched for games that were beautiful and peaceful and found Sky. I immediately fell in love with the art, the characters, the world, and the story! I usually played early in the morning or late at night, when my family was asleep.

One afternoon, I decided to take a quick Sky break. My 6 year-old daughter saw me playing and became very intrigued. I'm very careful about what my daughter plays and accesses online, but Sky seemed pretty safe. I got her set up to play. She was immediately into it!

Now the world of Sky is our playground. We do the different spirit memories and quests, but also spend a lot of time just being silly, doing dances together, or spamming each other and playing tag. She is very social on Sky and makes friends with everyone, sometimes jumping onto their tables or leading them on silly runs. Everyone is very nice about it, which I appreciate.

I don't push her to do the more challenging quests but she comes to them of her own motivation. She was scared of the fire trial in the Cave of Prophecies and avoided it. Then one day she said, "Daddy, I'm ready to do the fire trial." So we went into the dark cloud together and finished the challenge. She was very brave. Similarly with Eden - one day she decided she was ready to do Eden. So we did the Eden run together. It was amazing to see the joy on her face during the ascension.

Thank you for creating this amazing, joyful, and enriching world for my daughter and me to enjoy together!

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A Magical Land for my Daughter and Me

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