A Place to Hide

A Place to Hide

When I first started playing Sky way back in Season of Enchantment, the game of course was enchanting to me and to some extent still is. I would try to keep it at the ready, as during the time I was under the stress of school and also the stress of living with my family and their PTSD. I would go to the loneliest parts of Sky and just sit there catching my breath from life.

I am still nervous and overly anxious about Wasteland due to it reminding me of how it's like living with people with PTSD. You feel small, like you're prey to this unforgiving monster. One wrong move and suddenly you have run for cover and wait for them to fly past. Sometimes you just can't reach it in time.

My favorite hiding spot is this area above the waterfalls in Sanctuary. I could just go there, a dark place so it wouldn't show up very well, and just listen to the Islands and the mantas.

Nowadays I have a few friends that play it but I still traverse alone for the most part. And that's okay. Sometimes we all need a moment alone just to breathe in what others would see as suffocating silence. Sometimes you just need to hide away from everyone and everything.

I have even more hiding spots now, but there's a special serenity if you find them all on your own. It's your own place to hide from looming darkness and recover the energy you need to carry on.

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A Place to Hide

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