A Warm Winter Morning

A Warm Winter Morning

I heard about Sky a long time ago from Aurora, but I could not download it and so I forgot about it. I saw Sky again near the end of the Season of Aurora and this time I had a strong resolve to get it at last. I was in a rough patch; depths of winter, uncertain domestic situation, stress before upcoming university semifinals and to top it all of my depressive episode had its peak.

The first time I opened Sky it was early in the morning, I was on a 40 minute-long train ride to my university. It was dark and cold outside and I was very tired. I clicked the app icon and the next thing I remember is running through warm soft sands, sliding down the dunes, meeting the first spirit and looking at the first glowing cave paintings.

The heavenly temple towered in the distance when I stepped out. I felt home and at peace for the first time in weeks. I was mesmerized skimming through the warm welcoming scenery. I felt okay again. The cold morning and reality melted for a while. I had found my safe place.

I don’t think I am versed well enough in English to portray the feelings which accompanied me. Sky gave me great solace. It still does and I believe it will keep on like that. The memories of that warm winter morning will dwell in my mind for a long time.

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A Warm Winter Morning

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