Blooming Butterflies

I have been playing Sky since July 28, 2020, and through my time in the community I have seen so much love, but nothing compares to the 2023 Days of Bloom event.

I was so excited that the ability to become a butterfly returned, and it was my first time trying it out from the butterfly fountain in the Forgotten Ark. As soon as I became one, I began to fly around before noticing a lone butterfly with the heart emote on one of the small bits of ship stuck in the ground near the ring of water.

I flew over just as they were about to fly off and began tapping the heart emote hoping they would join me, even though we were strangers. At first, it was just them and I showing love and appreciation despite having no connection. Quickly however, other butterflies began to join us on the small broken ship, all of us tapping out heart emotes.

Soon more and more butterflies began to fly over and join us in showing our love for each other for no specific reason. It lasted for over 10 minutes before we were turned back into colorful ghosts as players came and left, taking some love and leaving even more. Although it only started with me flying over to a lonely butterfly, the small amount of appreciation I showed grew so much larger, reminding me how just showing a little love can blossom into something truly beautiful.

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Blooming Butterflies

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