I just deleted an entire mantra of how much I love this game, and how long I’ve played it.

I realized I should share this instead. I had been playing Sky for a while now, it was very fun, and I loved being able to fly around and just… explore. My home life wasn’t that great. My mom had cancer, and she wasn’t doing very well, to the extent where my family constantly had to keep watch over her. By the time this story took place, she was at the last stage of her life.

I decided to pick up Sky and go through Eye of Eden. That night, Eden felt more daunting than times before. I finally managed, in all my ability, to reach the end and take flight into the sky, into the next life. The last scene hit me harder than anything else this game could. It was beautiful, seeing every kid glide along with me towards the next reincarnation. Every friend I made, every name I saw, they were all there as I glided on, and I felt like I wasn’t alone in my grief.

My grandpa told me quietly, as we were sitting on a couch, that my mom would join the stars with other loved ones that were lost. I watched the children I saved join the stars in the sky as well and I felt… acceptance in that moment. I was still sad, don’t get me wrong, but I knew that at least I could have some kind of closure.

The next night, the night sky greeted my mom’s star. I don’t know, maybe that last moment doesn’t hit others as hard, but it means so much to me every time I pass through Eden now. I have my mom’s name as a random character I created, so I can greet her every time I pass through. Thanks Sky Devs, for allowing me to have that experience. It means a lot to me, and I’m pretty sure it means a lot to others, too.

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