Felt Like Home

Felt Like Home

Hi! I have been reading the Official Sky Discord server for about a week and decided to share my experience.

I've been playing Sky since Jan 1 and quickly fell in love with the game! I learned about this game from another discord, dedicated to a different game, and realized it was from the Journey creators. I told my girlfriend about this game and recently she bought Flower (iOS) and decided to give Sky a try too. She played during the New Year’s Eve celebrations and the next day she sent me an invite so we could play together. That's how it all began - during the first four days of 2020 we played Sky for 20+ hrs, and oh boy, was that a very enjoyable experience! It’s scary to see how many hours I've spent in game since then.

To see this kind of game on mobile is beyond any expectations really - I'm actually still curious how it's even possible! It's like a tiny MMO on your phone/ipad screen! To be able to play together, to do quests, to unlock character customizations, and the sounds and music! Not forgetting the most important thing - the community! It felt like home from the very beginning!

My girlfriend isn't a regular gamer but she loves the game and introduced me to it, (even though I had suggested it to her, I hadn’t tried it myself). Sky got us closer to each other, and being able to hold hands and hug made our day! I don't know if the developers will read this but I just want to thank you so much for making this experience possible! Much love and deep gratitude for that! You guys are amazing!

There are so many action games/shooters, games where you fight and kill, and this game is like a breathe of a fresh air and definitely one of the indie game gems! I cannot wait to play it on Switch/PC!

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Felt Like Home

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