Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

I was at Home, sitting above the changing rooms, when this player I’d never seen before decided to sit next to me.

Curious, I decided to light up this stranger's candle and use a spell to summon a table and chairs, and started to chat. After some time, we befriended each other with the QR code. They were, and still are, lovely.

We decided to go to Starlight Desert to play hide and seek… it was so fun!! We came across some other friends of theirs along the way, and played together until it was time to go to bed.

Not only did I get a ton of screenshots from that session, but also the reason why I continue to play the game: to play with other people and make (in some quantity) each other's day a tiny bit better.

Friend, if you're reading this, thank you for playing with me! Hope to play hide and seek with you again!

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Hide and Seek

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