Like The Childhood I Wish I’d Had

Like The Childhood I Wish I’d Had

I started playing Sky because it is so beautiful and peaceful.

Exploring is one of the things I love most in a game and I've always enjoyed open world landscape-based games like this, but I had never experienced one where I found a community before.

The emotes and design encouraged cooperative play, and before too long I had made several friends, including a small group who play together like I wish I had in elementary and middle school; kind, sometimes silly, sometimes serious and always playful and willing to keep each other company during daily quests, go explore a new out-of-bounds area or fun glitch, or be a listening and supportive shoulder to lean on.

Now, even though the landscape is so familiar I could map the world from memory, I keep going back to see friends I know as fellow Sky kids, and I would miss them without this game.

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Like The Childhood I Wish I’d Had

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