Little Moments

Little Moments

I have played Sky for a very long time. The moment I began my journey through the kingdoms of Sky I fell in love with everything.

The people you meet along the way aren’t always permanent, and that’s what makes it special. I have never been sad when one of my Sky friends trickles off my friends constellation. I will miss them, but I know they are happy. Every Sky friend I have ever made has always been kind and they all come with their own happiness and love for Sky.

I always love the short interactions that last less than an hour in the Daylight Prairie social space. They are always the nicest people. The small honks they release when they light your candle are precious, and it’s so much fun doing matching outfits together, playing music for each other, and showing off our favorite poses and emotes. Sometimes they offer candles to become friends, other times they simply offer a goodbye wave. Either way, I will never forget the joy I felt spending time with them.

Sky will forever be an escape for me. The scenery will always take my breath away. I know I can trust Sky to make my day better. I love all my Sky friends, and I will always love Sky. The small and genuine moments I experience with the people I meet in Sky will always have my heart. It doesn’t matter if I never learn their name, I will remember them.

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Little Moments

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