Never Too Far

Never Too Far

There's something special about making friends in this game. I have met more people from other countries than I have at any other point in my life, and each one has been a blessing on my day.

Talking and sharing stories, we realize that even if we're all different, we share so much in common. I can look up at the constellations in my home hub and see so many stars, so many little points of light in the black, and each one represents someone who, no matter where they were from, wanted to share a happy, beautiful moment with me.

I have friends in my day to day life that I have had to move far away from, and they share this game with me. I feel like they are so much closer when we play together. We can laugh and we can explore. We can spend time with each other, and for a little while, I feel like I'm near them once again.

I have heard a saying that friends are like stars, and they are always there even when you can't see them. That idea feels a little more real now, and I love to look at my constellations and hope for the best in those friends who dot my sky with light.

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Never Too Far

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