Something Wonderful

Something Wonderful

I’ve been playing Sky since March 2021. During my time in the game, I have met so many wonderful, caring, and wholesome people. In many ways, Sky has saved me. It has taught me compassion and warmth towards others. I used to be cynical and found it difficult to trust people. Here in Sky I have found love. My journey so far has been the biggest blessing in my life. 

From the person who first introduced me to Sky, to the person I played with daily, though they are no longer with me, they taught me more than I could ever imagine. I am sociable and I have things to look forward to.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new player who wants to drag me around, an experienced player with a great aesthetic, or a talented musician who wants to share their songs, I love each and every one of you. I admire you, and while I cannot experience the discovery again, it is a gift I am able to share with others. 

Thank you for being the light in my darkness. Thank you for being kind, and for being a part of this community. I know it’s not perfect, but when you look past that, you’re left with something wonderful.

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Something Wonderful

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