The Real Treasure

The Real Treasure

We were called to learn something which before was just a wish: to dive into the deep waters, another new mechanism for our child of light.

After the Little Prince season, Sky once again brought us to reflection. The seasonal quests were missions to have fun exploring the bottom of the sea and find treasures. The memories brought us the spirit of competition at any cost. The spirit of superiority, greed, and envy. There is still a lot of that spirit in many Sky players who value the reward of treasures, medals, and applause. They do not pay attention to the greatest treasure a player can find: admiration, affection, the incredible experience, companionship, and the priceless fun to be had with friends.

This is the real treasure. Help to rescue a spirit, protect someone from the rain, help others through portals, only open the gate of the Golden Wasteland temple if you know you won't harm anyone with dark dragon attacks! Stop and talk, tell a story, play songs... be kind.

TGC has been teaching us not only to play Sky, but to learn to look at others. Thank you TGC for the Abyss season.

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The Real Treasure

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