There for Me

There for Me

I started playing Sky about 3 months ago. I haven’t been around for that long, but in those 3 months I‘ve found that Sky has helped me cope and distract myself when something upsetting happens.

I’ve had many good experiences in the game: enjoying the scenery, and spamming emotes with strangers (though the fear of them dragging me to a bench to chat has made it difficult for me to be social at times). It has really helped me feel less alone.

I dropped out of school about a year ago and I don’t have a lot of real life friends, so when I’m not at work it gets pretty lonely. After joining the discord I've felt less alone. Even if I don’t always chat, I sometimes like to keep the Cozy Sky Discussion channel open in the background, just to feel like I've got some company with me.

Sky also helped me discover Journey! I'd heard about it for years but I’d never actually looked into it. I bought it a few weeks ago and was completely blown away by how amazing it looks, and how similar it is to Sky in a lot of ways. You can definitely see that Journey is an ancestor to Sky!

Sky has given me a reason to wake up. I get a real sense of accomplishment from saving up candles, and it provides me with something to focus on when life gets tough. Through the good and the bad, Sky and its community has been there for me in one way or another. Regardless of whether or not I'll stay here for long, I won't forget the impact sky has had on my life.

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There for Me

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