Took My Time

Took My Time

My hands are super shaky right now. The only time I experienced something like this was when I played Journey and Subnautica, and now I can proudly say that Sky takes the leaderboard for games that made me cry.

I was very scared. I mean, I don’t think it takes a normal person two and a half hours to go through Eden, but it did for me, and I am glad I took my time. This journey in Sky has been awesome and Eden did not disappoint. Eden is now the place where I first got krilled, and the first place where I lost all my light. When I got to the place where there are a ton of fallen sky children, I found another person who started to help me and I helped them.

Thank you very much person who was there and finished Eden with me, I kindly named you Aether after the Greek god. In my first journey I was able to get 9 ascended candles which I’m quite happy with!

Again, my hands are shaky, and my feet are cold. This was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in a game!

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Took My Time

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