We Did It Together

We Did It Together

I just had the coolest experience.

I went to the graveyard to relive the Respectful Pianist. Tried it once, almost got krilled, and then, for some reason, the light faded even though I hadn’t left the circle. I RAN back to the little cave to do it again, and was waiting for the krill to pass before I started. Someone else started it then, which I found out because I got caught in the light bubble, and at first I was like "No, why are you going now? Not the right time!"

I followed anyway because I wasn't sticking around in the graveyard to wait for it to come back. To my surprise, the whole thing turned out great. The two of us kept the light going during parts where one of us fell out of the bubble. It was a nice sort of volley going on between us. When we reached the dark plant stairs and saw that someone had burned ALL of them, I thought "what are we going to do?!” But because there were two of us, flying the light over was a snap! As one would fall, the other would fly in and take over, it was so great!

In the end I was so grateful we did it together, and we befriended each other. I love this game!

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We Did It Together

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