You Guided Me

You Guided Me

I haven’t touched Sky in so long, but today I felt like I should.

I have been seeing videos of the Aurora concert, and remembered that the last time I played Sky was at the very beginning of Season of Shattering. I was excited to see the concert but I realized that one of my friends was not online like she used to be. I remember she was one of my greatest friends on Sky. When I booted up the game because I wanted to see my “best Sky friend” again, I couldn’t really remember her name.

Thank you. You gave me the sweetest nickname (Orange, because I always wore an orange cape). You guided me when I was still a moth. I don’t think I’ll forget you again for a long time.

And thank you Sky! You beautiful game. I’ll play you more often, of course. I started playing during the end of the Season of Assembly and it’s wonderful to see how much the community has grown since then.

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You Guided Me

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