Sky Moments

Sharing moments in Sky has never been easier with the themed challenges hosted by thatgamecompany’s Community team. Join us as we share in Sky moments that the community experiences with old, and new, friends. 



My eyes opened for the first time...

  • A Piece of Peace Across the Globe

    I have a few friends I have been playing Sky with since I started a few years ago...

  • My Sky Tattoo

    I’m a professional tattoo artist, and Sky is my favorite game to play to unwind...

  • 居場所


  • Inspiring Stories of the Spirits

    The very first thing that caught my eye when I first joined Sky were the characters…

  • Sky me dio ánimos en un momento muy triste

    Cuando conocido el juego de sky estaba pasando por un momento muy difícil...

  • The Day I Met My Closest Friend

    I was playing Sky and I had gotten a message from a friend...

  • How Sky Has Helped Me

    I started playing Sky around the Aurora event since I was a big fan of her...

  • A Connection Around The World

    Growing up in the small island of mine, I never had many chances to travel...

  • The Yellow Boat Under The Moonlight

    Night time by a peaceful pond, a dark Sky kid is sitting on a dock...

Japanese Stories

    Spanish Stories

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      • Finding the Joy

        Finding the Joy

        The first time my husband and I played through the Realms of Sky, we did it alone.
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      • A Hand

        A Hand

        There was always something comforting about those outstretched hands - the hands of many that have come and gone.
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      • Parallels


        I met a moth a few days ago, in the Village of Dreams.
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      • Make a Difference

        Make a Difference

        Sky seems to be able to capture emotions perfectly through just a few lighting changes.
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      • I’m Just a Moth

        I’m Just a Moth

        I'd like to tell you a story about me, a moth, falling madly in love with this game.
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      • No One Assumes

        No One Assumes

        Something I really love about Sky is how the characters aren’t obviously any specific gender.
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