Sky Moments

Sharing moments in Sky has never been easier with the themed challenges hosted by thatgamecompany’s Community team. Join us as we share in Sky moments that the community experiences with old, and new, friends. 

New Stories

You're my star

You meet many people in Sky. Most of them leave at some point, to become a shooting star.

  • You Are Not Alone

    Ever since I was a child, it was difficult for me to socialize with people around my age...

  • A Message on a Paper Boat

    The best experience I have had in Sky is when the message boats appeared...

  • Something Wonderful

    I’ve been playing Sky since March 2021...

  • Little Moments

    I have played Sky for a very long time...

  • The Distance Grew Larger

    When I had absolutely no friends, he took a chance on me...

  • On the Stigma of Loss in Games

    “Loss” has always been a negative word to me, maybe because of my culture or upbringing...

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  • There for Me

    There for Me

    I started playing Sky about 3 months ago...
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  • I Get To Feel Like A Kid Again

    I Get To Feel Like A Kid Again

    When I first started playing, I was on spring break from college...
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  • It's Not So Bad

    It's Not So Bad

    I ventured into Sky as a solo player and I planned to be that way...
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  • One Day I Will Be A Butterfly

    One Day I Will Be A Butterfly

    I love how much there is to explore with this game...
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  • You Guided Me

    You Guided Me

    I haven’t touched Sky in so long, but today I felt like I should...
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  • Grandma


    I just want to thank Sky...
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