• Never too Far

    There's something special about making friends in this game...

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  • I hold my Breath

    A couple times I’ve been diving down deep chasms, looking for pathways and monitoring my breath meter...

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  • My First Friend

    One thing that Sky really taught me was just how kind people can be...

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  • Connection

    Too nervous and shy to talk face-to-face...

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  • I’m Just a Moth

    I’m Just a Moth

    I'd like to tell you a story about me, a moth, falling madly in love with this game.
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  • No One Assumes

    No One Assumes

    Something I really love about Sky is how the characters aren’t obviously any specific gender.
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  • Took My Time

    Took My Time

    My hands are super shaky right now. 
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  • Forest Rain

    Forest Rain

    I never really liked mobile games, they all seemed shallow and filled with ads. 
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  • Closure


    I just deleted an entire mantra of how much I love this game, and how long I’ve played it.
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  • Life


    In the concept art for Sky, the early names for the realms were times of day.
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