Sky Moments

Sharing moments in Sky has never been easier with the themed challenges hosted by thatgamecompany’s Community team. Join us as we share in Sky moments that the community experiences with old, and new, friends. 


Connection to Life in a Body That Couldn’t Move

I’ve been playing Sky for what I’d consider a while now…

  • Free

    For the past month, one of my eyes suddenly got worse...

  • A Place to Hide

    When I first started playing Sky way back in Season of Enchantment...

  • Crab Conundrum

    The first time I encountered a crab in Sky was at the Sanctuary Islands...

  • An Extraordinary Journey for Ordinary People: Surprises and Delights in the Game "Sky"

    During the pandemic, our lives became increasingly monotonous and boring...

  • A Warm Winter Morning

    I heard about Sky a long time ago from Aurora, but I could not download it and so I forgot about it...

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  • Little Moments

    Little Moments

    I have played Sky for a very long time...
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  • A Message On A Paper Boat

    A Message On A Paper Boat

    The best experience I have had in Sky is when the message boats appeared...
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  • Something Wonderful

    Something Wonderful

    I’ve been playing Sky since March 2021...
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  • The Distance Grew Larger

    The Distance Grew Larger

    When I had absolutely no friends, he took a chance on me...
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  • You're my star

    You're my star

    You meet many people in Sky...
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  • On the Stigma of Loss in Games

    On the Stigma of Loss in Games

    “Loss” has always been a negative word to me, maybe because of my culture or upbringing...
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