Sky Moments

Sharing moments in Sky has never been easier with the themed challenges hosted by thatgamecompany’s Community team. Join us as we share in Sky moments that the community experiences with old, and new, friends. 

New Stories

You're my star

You meet many people in Sky. Most of them leave at some point, to become a shooting star.

  • You Are Not Alone

    Ever since I was a child, it was difficult for me to socialize with people around my age...

  • A Message on a Paper Boat

    The best experience I have had in Sky is when the message boats appeared...

  • Something Wonderful

    I’ve been playing Sky since March 2021...

  • Little Moments

    I have played Sky for a very long time...

  • The Distance Grew Larger

    When I had absolutely no friends, he took a chance on me...

  • On the Stigma of Loss in Games

    “Loss” has always been a negative word to me, maybe because of my culture or upbringing...

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  • Saving Grace

    Saving Grace

    I swear Sky has been my saving grace lately. In times when I'm stressed, dealing with anxiety or feeling depressed, it's like a breath of fresh air.
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  • 30 Minutes

    30 Minutes

    I met another player just outside the gate to Eden. We didn’t know each other, but decided to travel together. After a while, I found myself standing in front of...
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  • We Did It Together

    We Did It Together

    I just had the coolest experience. I went to the graveyard to relive the Respectful Pianist. Tried it once, almost got krilled, and then, for some reason, the light faded...
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  • Inspired Me

    Inspired Me

    Sky allowed me to meet my best friend. I realized that strangers aren’t always hostile and I can talk with them. It’s also just a nice, relaxing game to come...
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  • Kindness of Strangers

    Kindness of Strangers

    Not to be all sappy, but I seriously love this game and the people in it. I was battling some massive...
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  • Humans. Just Humans.

    Humans. Just Humans.

    I feel like this is the most queer friendly game ever made. I just love the "no gender" system...
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