Sky Moments

Sharing moments in Sky has never been easier with the themed challenges hosted by thatgamecompany’s Community team. Join us as we share in Sky moments that the community experiences with old, and new, friends. 


Company, Accompanied

Sky: Children of the Light has been a haven in the storm for me for nearly four years..

  • My Light Returned When I Found Sky

    My story is a bit long and chaotic as life often is...

  • By the Fireplace

    I remember the crackling fire and the sweet smell of roasted marshmallows...

  • Friendship and Kindness

    In real life, I feel lost, or perhaps left out...

  • 青いトンガリ帽子


  • The Hidden Forest

    When I started playing Sky, I had a hard time getting through the Hidden Forest...

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      • A Helping Hand

        A Helping Hand

        This game has helped me grow as a person...
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      • A Temporary Reunion

        A Temporary Reunion

        My grandmother passed away just before the holidays six years ago...
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      • You Are Not Alone

        You Are Not Alone

        Ever since I was a child, it was difficult for me to socialize with people around my age...
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      • Little Moments

        Little Moments

        I have played Sky for a very long time...
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      • A Message On A Paper Boat

        A Message On A Paper Boat

        The best experience I have had in Sky is when the message boats appeared...
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      • Something Wonderful

        Something Wonderful

        I’ve been playing Sky since March 2021...
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