• Inspired Me

      Inspired Me

      Sky allowed me to meet my best friend. I realized that strangers aren’t always hostile and I can talk with them. It’s also just a nice, relaxing game to come...
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    • Kindness of Strangers

      Kindness of Strangers

      Not to be all sappy, but I seriously love this game and the people in it. I was battling some massive...
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    • Humans. Just Humans.

      Humans. Just Humans.

      I feel like this is the most queer friendly game ever made. I just love the "no gender" system...
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    • To Be Tamed

      To Be Tamed

      "One runs the risk of weeping a little, if one lets themselves be tamed." I'm a solo player who likes...
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    • Every Person is A Flower

      Every Person is A Flower

      Every person is a flower made for their own unique season. Today marks a month and a half since I started...
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    • See You On The Other Side

      See You On The Other Side

      It gives you a fuzzy feeling as you are finishing Eden, doesn't it? I remember quite well the very first time...
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    • Being Part of Something Great

      Being Part of Something Great

      I used to perform every year back when I was in University. We had friendly in-house competitions...
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    • Always There For Me

      Always There For Me

      A week from today marks the day I first played Sky. My brother told me a new TGC game had released...
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