• Connection


      Too nervous and shy to talk face-to-face...
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    • Never Too Far

      Never Too Far

      There's something special about making friends in this game...
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    • A Magical Land for my Daughter and Me

      A Magical Land for my Daughter and Me

      I'm a bit older and stopped playing video games after college...
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    • My First Friend

      My First Friend

      One thing that Sky really taught me was just how kind people can be...
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    • I Hold my Breath

      I Hold my Breath

      A couple times I’ve been diving down deep chasms, looking for pathways and monitoring my breath meter...
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    • Felt Like Home

      Felt Like Home

      Hi! I have been reading the Official Sky Discord server for about a week and decided to share my experience.
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    • Lost Connections

      Lost Connections

      To the Sky player who helped me around Hidden Forest while I was alone and capeless, I hope you're here!
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    • Finding the Joy

      Finding the Joy

      The first time my husband and I played through the Realms of Sky, we did it alone.
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    • A Hand

      A Hand

      There was always something comforting about those outstretched hands - the hands of many that have come and gone.
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    • Parallels


      I met a moth a few days ago, in the Village of Dreams.
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    • Make a Difference

      Make a Difference

      Sky seems to be able to capture emotions perfectly through just a few lighting changes.
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    • I’m Just a Moth

      I’m Just a Moth

      I'd like to tell you a story about me, a moth, falling madly in love with this game.
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